Beautiful photo, huh? Image courtesy of Coco Photography

Nostalgia can be a tricky devil. If you aren’t careful, you can easily get drawn in by her perfume and swept away into her whimsical world. But if you harness the power she contains, nostalgia can be an ally indeed. And I believe that’s what we’ve done here, with this site and as third-generation owners of our store, The Paperhouse.

We hope to pay tribute to the two generations who built this store and bring it into its own. Join us on our journey.

And while you’re here, let us show you what we can do: We invite you to read about us, of course, but we’d also love it if you shopped with us too. We can ship anywhere and would love to make new customers, new friends.

The most important thing to know about us as you browse through our pages is that we are a store, yes, but we are also a family. The best place to start is to subscribe and follow along with what’s new on our blog, check out what we like by keeping up with our book reviews and simply get to know us by browsing our other pages along the right-hand column of this site (be sure to check out my favorite, The PaperHOME series).

We’re glad you’re here, remembering with us.